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Issue #20 resolved
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When using the Update Release Dates button the release date of the version is set to t-1 in comparison to the release date of the Release itself. This should be the same date IMO.

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  1. abhijit Jadeja repo owner

    I could not reproduce this error. I am wondering it this issue is related to some kind of timezone problem.

  2. Lorenzo Cappelletti

    It happened to me, too. What info do you need?

    I created a "maintain release version" with date 10/15/2012. When I click "Update Release Dates", project versions were updated to 10/14/2012.

    Then, I changed maintain version date to 10/16/2012 and clicked the button again. Project versions were updated to 10/15/2012.

  3. abhijit Jadeja repo owner

    I will implement updating release date function using a backend restlet instead of using JIRA REST API. This might help as it may take away any problems related to date conversion between JS and Java.

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