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Issue #23 resolved
abhijit Jadeja repo owner created an issue

Hi, I tried this add on latest downloaded JIRA version and it is working good. I could restrict a Release view to users. But the Release tab is still visible and it may allow users to create some Release. So, 1. is it possible to show the Release tab only to some groups who have permission? 2. Is it possible to restrict the Release tab only to some selected Screens? Thank you in advance and appreciate your support. Ramakrishnan Srinivasan

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  1. Chad Larkin

    It would be great if this plugin added/required a group and group membership to see the tab. Something like release-management as the default group and users had to be a member of the group in order for the tab to be visible.

  2. Andreas Badstuebner

    Since there is "Admnistrators" role membershup required to maintain any project's version, I would be glad to get the plugin-usage restricted to the project role "Administrators". If the current users is not in this role in any of the available projects it does not make any sense to allow him the management of any releases.

    In my case this is even more urgently required since we provide customer access to some of our projects and we don't want any customer to manage releases.

  3. Chad Larkin

    Not certain how that would be compliant with change management for SOX. However, I do know that change control doe need to be separated out from regular duties. So any level of restriction would be better than none. However, I would expect that it would be easier to alter the plugin to check for a global group than for group by project. It already checks to see if you are signed in or not so it should be easier to check for a specific group membership. And install instructions could include the group creation with the specific name for now for a quick resolution.

  4. Marko Radivojevic

    You can edit plugin xml by hand and add condition to few web items out there, for example i used <condition class="com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.conditions.UserIsAdminCondition" />

    after that repack jar again and restart jira. Just watch for addon update, it will override your changes with new jar.


  5. abhijit Jadeja reporter
    • edited description

    version will only allow administrators or group members of "releasedog-users" group.

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