Date/Time Format Configured in JIRA Look & Feel Not Used by Plugin

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Issue #32 new
Mark Symons created an issue

The Day/Month/Year Format used by ReleaseDog is:


This can be seen in "ReleaseDog View" Gadget and in eleaseDogCreateRelease.jspa (view Releases, create Release, Edit Release).

ReleaseDog should inherit the format that is configured in JIRA Look and Feel. For instance, on my servers:


(Note that the differences from ReleaseDog include the separators... hyphen instead of forward slash)

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  1. abhijit Jadeja repo owner

    Atlassian UI has improved lately but whole reason for my configuring a different look and feel was that there were insufficient components in AUI (date picker was not available and is still experimental). I'd like to at least do the date part but don't know how.

  2. rob_duncan

    We are running 20-30 versions a month across project and aligining dates between Jira Versions and Release Dog is becoming challenging. We could really do with the date format aligining with Jira date format

  3. Mark Chesterfield

    This is not a minor problem. For non-USA users where date formats are dd/mm/yy this becomes a significant issue which means the some release managers will not use it.

  4. abhijit Jadeja repo owner

    Mark -I agree with you but after spending considerable amount of time - It became apparent to me that this was a non trivial change and hard to test. Even if I made change - this would require a lot of up keep to align it with JIRA versions.

  5. Alan Sigus

    USA date format is indeed really annoying, release managers are bombing me with this constantly. Please find a way to implement a change, doesn't need to be automatically aligned with Jira date format, just configurable. Or is there a way to manually configure this? Couldn't find a way anywhere.

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