Members of "access group" can't edit release name

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Kim Sullivan created an issue

We would like people in the “access group” to be able to edit the release name. Today we get an error that the user doesn’t have permission. Is this possible? We have access level 2 group and Access Group set to a group. The user can manage the release otherwise fine (add new versions to it).

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  1. Peter Muldoon


    Effective Wednesday 18th May 2022, ongoing maintenance & support for ReleaseDog has been transferred to Votazz

    The add-on was out-of-date and un-supported

    The latest version 1.2.0, Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.14.1 - was released on March 30th 2020

    You like many other users, have been logging support requests & calling for upgrades, without response

    This is about to change:-

    ‌ We propose to bring the app up the the latest Jira 9.0.0 release

    ‌ We will move the app to Data Centre

    ‌ We will change the app from free and un-supported, to supported on subscription

    ‌ We expect to have the new upgraded app available by end on June

    ‌ We propose to change the app name to Release Manager for Jira

    We invite you to submit recommended changes and enhancements to make the app work better for you in your environment

    You can contact us at:-

    We look forward to working with you and improving the support and functionality of the app


    Votazz Support Team

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