How to upgrade/modify CKEditor

In order to serve as few Javascript files as possible, CKEditor comes with a packager that aggregates JS files. It also makes sense to exclude CKEditor from any application-wide aggregation because CKEditor is quite huge (>300kB).

To repackage CKEditor, check out the development version from

Edit 'ckeditor.pack' and include any files that should also be included. For example, certain language files and the actually required plugins can be added there. The aggregation is run with:


Then the required files should be copied into abl/jquery/plugins/ckeditor/:

cp $CKEDITOR/ckeditor.js static/javascript / cp $CKEDITOR/adapter/jquery.js static/javascript/jquery.ckeditor.js cp -r $CKEDITOR/skins static/javascript/ cp $CKEDITOR/contents.css static/css/

The list of files might change with new releases of CKEditor.