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Add a basic ``Geometry`` class for the Geo helpers.

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 * Delete ``webhelpers.string24``.  WebHelpers no longer supports Python 2.3.
+* webhelpers.feedgenerator:
+  - Add a basic ``Geometry`` class for the Geo helpers.
 * webhelpers.html.grid_demo:
   - Demonstrates ``webhelpers.html.grid``. Run as 


+This is a port of Django's feeed generator for creating RSS and Atom feeds.
+The Geo classes are also ported for publishing geographical (GIS) data.
 .. automodule:: webhelpers.feedgenerator
 .. currentmodule:: webhelpers.feedgenerator
 .. autofunction:: rfc2822_date
 .. autofunction:: rfc3339_date
 .. autofunction:: get_tag_uri
+GIS subclasses
+These classes allow you to include geometries (e.g., latitude/longitude) in
+your feed. The implementation is in a mixin class:
+.. autoclass:: GeoFeedMixin
+   :members:
+   Methods:
+Two concrete subclasses are provided:
+.. autoclass:: GeoAtom1Feed
+   :members:
+.. autoclass:: W3CGeoFeed
+   :members:
+A minimal geometry class is included:
+.. autoclass:: Geometry
+   :members:


 #   false. (The flag can be set in a subclass or instance anytime before the
 #   output is written.) The swapping is done in
 #   ``GeoFeedMixin.georss_coords()`` and ``.add_georss_point()``.
+# - "if geom is not None" syntax fix in ``GeoFeedMixin.get_georss_element()``.
+# - Add a ``Geometry`` class for passing geometries to the Geo classes.
+# - ``GeoFeedMixin`` docstring.
     This mixin provides the necessary routines for SyndicationFeed subclasses
     to produce simple GeoRSS or W3C Geo elements.
+    Subclasses recognize a ``geometry`` keyword argument to ``.add_item()``.
+    The value may be any of several types:
+    * a 2-element tuple or list of floats representing latitude/longitude: 
+      ``(X, Y)``.  This is called a "point".
+    * a 4-element tuple or list of floats representing a box:
+      ``(X0, Y0, X1, Y1)``.
+    * a tuple or list of two points: ``( (X0, Y0), (X1, Y1) )``.
+    * a ``Geometry`` instance. (Or any compatible class.)  This provides
+      limited support for points, lines, and polygons. Read the ``Geometry``
+      docstring and the source of ``GeoFeedMixin.add_georss_element()``
+      before using this.
+    The mixin provides one class attribute:
+    .. attribute:: is_input_latitude_first
+       The default value False indicates that input data is in
+       latitude/longitude order. Change to True if the input data is
+       longitude/latitude. The output is always written latitude/longitude
+       to conform to the GeoRSS spec.
+       The reason for this attribute is that the Django original stores data
+       in longitude/latutude order and reverses the arguments before writing.
+       WebHelpers does not do this by default, but if you're using Django data
+       or other data that has longitude first, you'll have to set this.
     # Set to True if the input data is in lat-lon order, or False if lon-lat.
         # Getting the Geometry object.
         geom = item.get('geometry', None)
-        if not geom is None:
+        if geom is not None:
             if isinstance(geom, (list, tuple)):
                 # Special case if a tuple/list was passed in.  The tuple may be
                 # a point or a box
     def add_root_elements(self, handler):
         super(W3CGeoFeed, self).add_root_elements(handler)
         self.add_georss_element(handler, self.feed, w3c_geo=True)
+class Geometry(object):
+    """A basic geometry class for ``GeoFeedMixin``.
+    Instances have two public attributes:
+    .. attribute:: geom_type
+       "point", "linestring", "linearring", "polygon"
+    .. attribute:: coords
+       For **point**, a tuple or list of two floats: ``(X, Y)``.
+       For **linestring** or **linearring**, a string: ``"X0 Y0  X1 Y1 ..."``.
+       For **polygon**, a list of strings: ``["X0 Y0  X1 Y1 ..."]``. Only the
+       first element is used because the Geo classes support only the exterior
+       ring.
+    The constructor does not check its argument types.
+    This class was created for WebHelpers based on the interface expected by
+    ``GeoFeedMixin.add_georss_element()``.  The class is untested. Please send
+    us feedback on whether it works for you.
+    """
+    def __init__(self, geom_type, coords):
+        self.geom_type = geom_type
+        coords = coords
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