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     <td width="50%">
       <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("contents") }}">Contents</a><br/>
          <span class="linkdescr">for a complete overview</span></p>
-      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("search") }}">Search</a><br/>
-         <span class="linkdescr">search the documentation</span></p>
-      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("changes") }}">CHANGELOG</a><br/>
-         <span class="linkdescr">full list of changes</span></p>
+      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("whats_new") }}">What's New</a><br/>
+         <span class="linkdescr">new features, upgrading, and full changelog</span></p>
       <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("todo") }}">TODO</a><br/>
          <span class="linkdescr">future development plans</span></p>
     </td><td width="50%">
          <span class="linkdescr">all functions, classes, terms</span></p>
       <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("modindex") }}">Module Index</a><br/>
          <span class="linkdescr">quick access to all documented modules</span></p>
+      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("search") }}">Search</a><br/>
+         <span class="linkdescr">search the documentation</span></p>

File docs/changelog.rst

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+:tocdepth: 2
+.. _changes:
+.. include:: ../CHANGELOG

File docs/changes.rst

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-:tocdepth: 2
-.. _changes:
-.. include:: ../CHANGELOG

File docs/conf.py

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 # The short X.Y version.
 version = '1.0'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '1.0b3'
+release = '1.0b5'
 # There are two options for replacing |today|: either, you set today to some
 # non-false value, then it is used:

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-   modules/html/render
 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1
-   upgrading
-   changes
+   whats_new
+   changelog

File docs/modules/html/converters.rst

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 .. autofunction:: nl2br
+.. autofunction:: render
+.. autofunction:: sanitize
 .. autofunction:: textilize

File docs/modules/html/render.rst

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-.. automodule:: webhelpers.html.render
-.. currentmodule:: webhelpers.html.render
-.. autofunction:: render
-.. autofunction:: sanitize

File docs/upgrading.rst

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-Upgrading from previous versions
-See `Changelog <changes.html>`_ for the full changelog.

File docs/whats_new.rst

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+What's New in WebHelpers
+This is a high-level overview of recent changes. **Incompatible changes are
+in boldface;** these may require modifying your application.  See `Changelog
+<changes.html>`_ for the full changelog.
+Version 1.0
+WebHelpers 1.0 has a lot of new features compared to 0.6.4. Several modules
+deprecated in 0.6.4 were removed, but otherwise there are only a few API
+incompatibilties with the 0.6 series.
+Deleted packages
+**The following deprecated packages were removed: rails, commands, hinclude,
+htmlgen, paginate, and string24.** Most of the functionality of the rails
+helpers was replaced by new helpers in the ``date``, ``html``, ``misc``,
+``number``, and ``text`` packages. Prototype and Scriptaculous are not
+replaced; WebHelpers no longer ships with Javascript libraries.  ``pagination``
+was replaced by ``paginate``.  If you can't switch to the replacement helpers,
+stick with WebHelpers 0.6.4.
+**webhelpers.html.secure_form was moved to
+webhelpers.pylonslib.secure_form because it depends on Pylons.**
+**uk_counties() now returns tuples rather than strings.**
+``webhelpers.feedgenerator`` was upgraded to the Django original (December 2009
+version), and the "Geo" classes were added for geographical (GIS) feeds.
+There's a flag for latitude/longitude or longitude/latitude format.  Points may
+be in latitude/longitude or longitude/latitude format.  (The default is
+latitude first, but Django and a few others others use longitude first.) A
+``Geometry`` class was reverse engineered for other geometries, but it's
+untested.  Add a "published" property for Atom feeds.
+New method for producing CDATA sections.  The basic tag builders have a ``_nl``
+flag to add a newline between content elements and after the tag for
+New helpers to render HTML to text, and to sanitize user input by stripping
+HTML tags.
+``markdown()`` adds an argument to choose a Markdown implementation.
+The Markdown included in WebHelpers will remain at version 1.7, but Markdown
+2.x is available on PyPI, and a separate implementation confusingly called
+"Markdown2" is also available on PyPI.
+New helpers to add CSS classes to a tag
+programmatically, to support option groups in <select> tags, and to generate
+<!doctype> and <?xml ?> declarations.
+``image()`` can calculate the width and height of an image automatically, using
+either the Python Imaging Library (PIL) or a pure Python algorithm in
+``form()`` puts its hidden "_method" field in a <div> for
+XHTML compliance, and the ``hidden()`` helper has a magic ID attribute to match
+the other helpers.
+Ported ``js_obfuscate()`` from the old rails helpers.
+``highlight()`` adds new arguments for flexibility, and
+is reimplemented using the HTML builder. **The 'highlighter' argument is
+New helpers to flatten nested lists and tuples, and to
+gather all the subclasses of a specified class. There's an exception
+``OverwriteError``, and a ``DeclarativeException`` class for making your own
+exceptions with constant messages.
+``webhelpers.paginate`` has some enhancements for Javascript, works with all
+versions of SQLAlchemy 0.4 and higher, and has a presliced list option.
+``webhelpers.pylonslib`` is now a package. The ``Flash`` class accepts severity
+categories, which you can use to style more severe messages differently. **The
+session structure is different, so delete existing HTTP sessions when
+New helper to update the query parameters in a URL.
+Experimental code
+``webhelpers.html.grid`` and ``webhelpers.pylonslib.grid`` contain helpers to
+make an HTML table from a list of objects such as database records. It has
+a demo program and an optional stylesheet.  It's "experimental" because the API
+needs some changes and the docstrings aren't very clear. But it works.
+The next version will add support for more input types: a list of sequences, a
+list of dicts, or a single dict.
+``webhelpers.pylonslib.minify`` contains versions of ``javascript_link()`` and
+``stylesheet_link()`` that compress their files. It's experimental because
+their tests fail, so they probably don't work.
+``webhelpers.text`` contains a suite of helpers from Ruby's stringex package to
+convert strings to URL-friendly format, and to remove inconvenient accents from
+characters, etc.  It's experimental because ``convert_misc_characters()`` has
+bugs: it adds extra spaces, and we're not sure a number-to-word conversion in
+the test suite should be implemented.
+Other experiments are in the "unfinished" directory in the source distribution.

File webhelpers/html/grid.py

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 """A helper to make HTML tables.
-**This module is experimental. The API will be changing soon to accommodate a
-broader range of data types. Some arguments will also change. If your
-application depends on the current API, please copy the module into your
+**This module is experimental. API changes are expected in the next version.
+If your application depends on the current API, please copy the module into
+your application.**
 A set of CSS styles complementing this helper is in
 "webhelpers/html/public/stylesheets/grid.css". To use them, include the 
         <tr class="header">HEADERS_MARKUP</tr>
         grid.default_record_format(self, i, record, columns)
+make an HTML table from a list of objects, and soon a list of sequences, a list
+of dicts, and a single dict. 
         <tr class="ODD_OR_EVEN">RECORD_MARKUP</tr>
         grid.generate_header_link(self, column_number, column, label_text)

File webhelpers/html/tools.py

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         'Line 1\\nLine 2'
     Implementation copied from ``WebOb``.
+    ``webhelpers.html.converters`` contains more sophisticated versions of 
+    this.
     text = text.replace('\n', ' ')
     text = text.replace('\r', '')