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Re-add import of render() and sanitize() in webhelpers.html.converters.

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 tip (development version)
+* webhelpers.html.converters:
+  - Re-add import of ``render`` and ``sanitize`` from
+    ``webhelpers.html.render``.  That module is not public.
 * webhelpers.misc:
   - New exception ``OverwriteError``.
 * webhelpers.html.converters:
   - Don't import ``render`` and ``sanitize`` to converters module.
+    (Reversed in 1.0b5.)
 * webhelpers.html.secure_form:
   Pagination is replaced by paginate.
 * webhelpers.constants:
-  - ``uk_counties`` returns tuples rather than lists.
+  - ``uk_counties`` returns tuples rather than strings.
 * webhelpers.feedgenerator:
   - ``rfc3339_date`` now accepts date objects without crashing.
   - Add 'generator' and 'source' properties to RSS2 feeds. Patch by
-    Vince Spicer.
+    Vince Spicer. (Removed in 1.0b2 due to bugs.)
   - Add 'published' property to Atom1 feeds.
 * webhelpers.html.converters:

File webhelpers/html/converters.py

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 from webhelpers.html import HTML, escape, literal, lit_sub
 import webhelpers.textile as textile
+# render() and sanitize() are imported from the private module 'render'.
+from webhelpers.html.render import render, sanitize
 __all__ = [
+    "render",
+    "sanitize",

File webhelpers/html/render.py

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+# This is a private implementation module.  Import render() and sanitize()
+# from webhelpers.html.converters .
 # Contributed by Ian Bicking, downloaded from
 # http://svn.w4py.org/ZPTKit/trunk/ZPTKit/htmlrender.py
 # (Webware for Python framework)
         u'I really like steak!'
         >>> sanitize(u'I <i>really</i> like <script language="javascript">NEFARIOUS CODE</script> steak!')
         u'I really like NEFARIOUS CODE steak!'
-    This is the same as ``webhelpers.render.sanitize`` but is an older
-    implementation.
     p = HTMLSanitizer()