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abudden  committed b00e585

Fixed username issues hopefully.

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 echo "User password:"
 passwd --root /mnt \${username}
 # Get next script
 echo "#!/bin/bash" > \${GETSCRIPT}
 echo "hg clone https://abudden@bitbucket.org/abudden/systemsetup2 system-setup" >> \${GETSCRIPT}
 chmod +x \${GETSCRIPT}
-chown al:users \${GETSCRIPT}
+chown --reference=/home/\${username} \${GETSCRIPT}
 # Tidy up
 umount /mnt/{home,boot,}
 echo ""
 echo "Done: power off, remove the CD and reboot."
 echo "Then log in as \${username} and run"
-echo "'bash get_server_setup.sh'"
+echo "'bash get_server_setup.sh' then run"
+echo "python2 system-setup/system-setup.py"
 chmod +x ./finish.sh