abudden committed 0584a36

Correction to scope-limiting code for file directory.

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 	let type_files = TagHighlight#ReadTypes#FindTypeFiles(a:suffix)
 	for fname in type_files
 		call TagHLDebug("Loading type highlighter file " . fname, 'Information')
-		let types_path = fnamemodify(fname, ':p')
+		let types_path = fnamemodify(fname, ':p:h')
 		let old_dir = getcwd()
+		exe 'cd' types_path
 		let b:TagHighlightPrivate['NormalisedPath'] = substitute(
-					\ fnamemodify(file, ':p:.'),
+					\ fnamemodify(fullname, ':.'),
 					\ '\\', '/', 'g')
 		exe 'cd' old_dir
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