abudden committed 1912900

Attempt to work round bug 3905 in python: untested at present. #199.

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 7. TagHighlight History                *TagHighlight-history*               {{{1
+2.0.9: 30th July 2011      : Attempt to work around python bug 3905 (issue
+                             with subprocess when called from GUI
+                             application).
 2.0.8: 30th July 2011      : Fixed erroneous function call.
 2.0.7: 30th July 2011      : Bug fix for exception handling.

plugin/TagHighlight/module/" ".join(ctags_cmd), shell = ( != 'nt'))
     # shell=True stops the command window popping up
-    process = subprocess.Popen(ctags_cmd, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)#, shell=True)
+    # We don't use stdin, but have to define it in order
+    # to get round python bug 3905
+    #
+    process = subprocess.Popen(ctags_cmd,
+            stdin=subprocess.PIPE,
+            stderr=subprocess.PIPE,
+            stdout=subprocess.PIPE
+            )#, shell=True)
     (sout, serr) = process.communicate()
     tagFile = open(os.path.join(options['ctags_file_dir'], options['ctags_file']), 'r')
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