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Corrected bug (reported by Bruno Jiménez) in SkipList implementation.

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File doc/TagHighlight.txt

 8. TagHighlight History                *TagHighlight-history*               {{{1
-x.x.x: xxth Xxxxxxxx 2012  : Fixed globpath to prevent use of wildignore
+x.x.x: xxth Xxxxxxxx 2013  : Fixed globpath to prevent use of wildignore
                              option (thanks to Vincent).  Added support for
                              Javascript (thanks to Piotr Yordanov).
                              Transferred source repository from git to
 							 languages when generating types files.  Initially
 							 the reserved keywords have been recorded for C++,
 							 Python, Java and C#.  Thanks to Alexey Radkov and
-							 Alan Warren for the suggestions.
+							 Alan Warren for the suggestions.  Corrected bug
+							 with SkipList operation (thanks to Bruno Jiménez
+							 for reporting this).
 2.1.5: 20th February 2012  : Added support for Scala (thanks to Lee Gauthier).

File plugin/TagHighlight/module/

                                 (kind == 'CTagsGlobalVariable'):
                             if'search')) is not None:
                                 kind = 'CTagsConstant'
-                        if short_kind not in languages.GetLanguageHandler(key)['SkipList']:
+                        if'kind') not in languages.GetLanguageHandler(key)['SkipList']:
                     except KeyError:
                         Debug("Unrecognised kind '{kind}' for language {language}".format('kind'), language=key), "Error")