abudden avatar abudden committed 5a81acc

Moved fix to the correct place and added note to remind me to sort out
dictionary support in command-line interface.

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         if 'CommandLineSwitches' not in AllOptions[dest]:
             # Vim-only option
+        if not isinstance(AllOptions[dest]['CommandLineSwitches'], list):
+            AllOptions[dest]['CommandLineSwitches'] = AllOptions[dest]['CommandLineSwitches'].split(',')
         if AllOptions[dest]['Type'] == 'bool':
             if AllOptions[dest]['Default'] == True:
                 action = 'store_false'
             elif AllOptions[dest]['Type'] == 'list':
+                # TODO: This needs handling somehow
+                continue
                 raise Exception('Unrecognised option type: ' + AllOptions[dest]['Type'])
-            if not isinstance(AllOptions[dest]['CommandLineSwitches'], list):
-                AllOptions[dest]['CommandLineSwitches'].split(',')
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