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Release should now include documentation.

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     paths = {
             '.py': ['plugin/TagHighlight',__file__],
             '.vim': ['plugin/TagHighlight.vim','autoload/TagHighlight'],
-            '.txt': ['plugin/TagHighlight/data','plugin/TagHighlight/instructions.txt'],
+            '.txt': ['plugin/TagHighlight/data','plugin/TagHighlight/instructions.txt', 'doc/TagHighlight.txt'],
             '.spec': ['plugin/TagHighlight/TagHighlight.spec'],


 7. TagHighlight History                *TagHighlight-history*               {{{1
+2.0.3: 26th July 2011      : Added missing documentation to zip file!
 2.0.2: 26th July 2011      : Improved Linux compiled version support.
 2.0.1: 25th July 2011      : Added provisional support for a Linux compiled
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