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 	Screenshots of the highlighter in operation are available at the website:
-		http://sites.google.com/site/abudden/contents/Vim-Scripts/ctags-highlighting
+		http://www.cgtk.co.uk/taghighlight
+                                         *TagHighlight-source-code*
+	The plugin is distribute as source code (binaries of the python components
+	are also available for computers that do not have python installed) The
+	source code is managed using the Git version control system and is
+	available on github at:
+		https://github.com/abudden/taghighlight
 	standard by many colour schemes.  You can either download the "bandit"
 	colour scheme from:
-	http://sites.google.com/site/abudden/contents/Vim-Scripts/bandit-colour-scheme
+	http://www.cgtk.co.uk/bandit-colour-scheme
 	(screenshots of C source code on the |TagHighlight-website|) or you
 	can configure the extra highlighting groups yourself.  The following
 		hi link Type Keyword
-	However, this probably defies the point of having the tag highlighter in
-	the first place!
+	However, this loses a lot of the advantages of having the tag highlighter
+	in the first place - being able to distinguish between different types!
 	along with a copy of the debug log to me at abudden _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com.
 	I'll do my best to help you get it working as quickly as I can.
+	If you're having problems that are specific to the |:UpdateTypesFileOnly|
+	command, please use the following commands, which work in much the same
+	way as the commands above:
+		:let g:TagHighlightSettings['DebugLevel'] = 'Information'
+		:let g:TagHighlightSettings['DebugFile'] = '/path/to/typesonly.log'
+		:UpdateTypesFileOnly
 6. Feature Wishlist                      *TagHighlight-wishlist*            {{{1
-	- Highlighting of local variables (could be useful for checking your
-	  variable is defined in the correct function)?  Not currently possible as
+	- Highlighting of local variables with scope.  Not currently possible as
 	  "ctags --c-kinds=+l" doesn't provide the scope of the local variable, so
 	  a lot of complicated parsing of the source would be required.
 	- Make it work better with paths containing spaces.
-	- Add more debugging capability and write the troubleshooting section of
-	  the manual.
 7. TagHighlight History                *TagHighlight-history*               {{{1
+2.0.22: UNRELEASED         : Website link update.  Comments on troubleshooting
+                             issues with UpdateTypesFileOnly.
 2.0.21: 10th August 2011   : Additional debug.
 2.0.20: 9th August 2011    : Further improvements to build script.