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abudden  committed 9f190c0

Fixed distribution script for linux compile.

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File dist/make_taghighlight_release.py

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     pyinstaller_path = os.environ['WINPYINSTALLERDIR']
     MakeCompiled(pyexe, pyinstaller_path, 'taghighlight_win32.zip', 'Win32')
-def MakeWin32Compiled():
+def MakeLinuxCompiled():
     if 'PYTHON' in os.environ:
         # Doesn't work with spaces in the path
         # (doing the split to allow for running python
         pyexe = ['python']
     pyinstaller_path = os.environ['PYINSTALLERDIR']
-    MakeCompiled(pyexe, pyinstaller_path, 'taghighlight_linux.zip', 'Win32')
+    MakeCompiled(pyexe, pyinstaller_path, 'taghighlight_linux.zip', 'Linux')
 def CheckInChanges(r):
     args = BZR+['ci','-m','Release build {0}'.format(r)]