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More debug in ctags interface.

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File plugin/TagHighlight/module/ctags_interface.py

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 #!/usr/bin/env python
 # Tag Highlighter:
 #   Author:  A. S. Budden <abudden _at_ gmail _dot_ com>
-#   Date:    02/08/2011
+#   Date:    12/08/2011
 # Copyright: Copyright (C) 2009-2011 A. S. Budden
 #            Permission is hereby granted to use and distribute this code,
 #            with or without modifications, provided that this copyright
         args += ["--exclude=docs", "--exclude=Documentation"]
     if options['include_locals']:
+        Debug("Including local variables in tag generation", "Information")
         kinds = options['language_handler'].GetKindList()
         def FindLocalVariableKinds(language_kinds):
             """Finds the key associated with a value in a dictionary.
             Assumes presence has already been checked."""
+            Debug("Finding local variable types from " + repr(language_kinds), "Information")
             return "".join(key[-1] for key,val in language_kinds.items() if val == 'CTagsLocalVariable')
         for language in ctags_languages:
             if language in kinds and 'CTagsLocalVariable' in kinds[language].values():
+                Debug("Finding local variables for " + language, "Information")
                 args += ['--{language}-kinds=+{kind}'.format(language=language,
+            else:
+                Debug("Skipping language: " + language, "Information")
     # Must be last as it includes the file list:
     if options['recurse']:
         args += glob.glob(os.path.join(options['source_root'],'*'))
+    Debug("Command arguments: " + repr(args), "Information")
     return args
 key_regexp = re.compile('^(?P<keyword>.*?)\t(?P<remainder>.*\t(?P<kind>[a-zA-Z])(?:\t|$).*)')