Ronald Oussoren committed 1ea2f72

- Lib/Foundation/ When processing PYOBJCFRAMEWORKS convert the
strings added to sys.path to plain strings, Python 2.2 doesn't seem to like
our unicode subclass.
- Fix bug in 'Cocoa-Python-ObjC Application' template that was introduced during
the move of NibClassBuilder to PyObjCTools.

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     for path in paths:
         bundle = NSBundle.bundleWithPath_(path)
-        sys.path.insert(count, bundle.resourcePath())
+        sys.path.insert(count, str(bundle.resourcePath()))
         count = count + 1
         initPath = bundle.pathForResource_ofType_( "Init", "py")

pyobjc/ProjectBuilder Extras/Project Templates/Cocoa-Python-ObjC Application/

 # create ObjC classes as defined in MainMenu.nib
-class MyAppDelegate(PyObjCTools.AutoBaseClass, NSApplicationDelegate):
+class MyAppDelegate(NibClassBuilder.AutoBaseClass, NSApplicationDelegate):
     Application delegate.
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