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Ronald Oussoren  committed 275401b

Prepare for 1.1a0 release

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File pyobjc/Doc/TODO

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 This document contains an (incomplete) list of work items. 
+TODO for 1.1
+* Sync with latest libffi (optional)
+* Test on OSX 10.2 and create installer
+* Test on OSX 10.1
 Important items

File pyobjc/NEWS

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 An overview of the relevant changes in new, and older, releases.
-Version "Panther" (Off-CVS)
+Version "1.1a0" (2004-02-02)
 - Objective-C structs can now be wrapped using struct-like types. This has
   been used to implement wrapper types for NSPoint, NSSize, NSRange and NSRect
   in Foundation and NSAffineTransformStruct in AppKit.

File pyobjc/Scripts/make_distrib.py

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 print "Done. Don't forget to test the output!"
+print "-- hdiutil create -imagekey zlib-level=9 -srcfolder PyObjC-1.1a0 pyobjc-1.1a0-panther.dmg"