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GUI Data Binding for Haskell

Bind mutable data and lists to IO objects, such as Gtk2Hs or WxHaskell widgets.

Demo programs, HUnit, and QuickCheck tests (via HTF) are included.

data Person = Person {name::String, age::Int, active::Bool} deriving (Read, Show)
main = do --load data into a binding list
          bl <- toBindingList $ read f :: IO (BindingList IORef Person)
          --create widgits
          name' <- entryNew
          age' <- spinButtonNewWithRange 0 120 1
          active' <- checkButtonNew
          --bind them
          nav <- navigation bl $ Person "" 0 False
          bindControl bl name name' entryText (\p n -> p {name = n})
          bindControl bl (fromIntegral . age) age' spinButtonValue (\p a -> p {age = round a})
          bindControl bl active active' toggleButtonActive (\p a -> p {active = a})

(from binding-gtk/demo/lists.hs ) binding a list

Warning: The version of WxHaskell currently on Hackage doesn't build with Haskell Platform 2013.2.