Chris Adams  committed 9a22c60

check_site: expand user paths in report files

This allows you to get the expected result if you use e.g. ~/Desktop/mysite.html

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File bin/

 from collections import defaultdict
 import logging
 import optparse
+import os
 import re
 import sys
 import time
     if not isinstance(options.report_file, file):
         if ".htm" in options.report_file and options.report_format != "html":
             logging.warning("Output file appears to be HTML but format is %s - should it be html?", options.report_format)
-        options.report_file = file(options.report_file, "w")
+        options.report_file = file(os.path.expanduser(options.report_file), "w")
     if options.validate_html: