To run SenseStar take the following steps:

1. Read the documentation, sensestar.pdf, in the docs directory.
2. Add the bin/ directory and all the jars in the lib/ directory 
   to your classpath.
3. SenseStar takes one command line argument - the name of a 
   sensestar properties file. See the root directory for some examples.
4. The main file is org.sensestar.SenseStar. Run it as follows:

   java org.sensestar.SenseStar [properties.file]
5. If you are using the database handler then you should first take steps
   to setup a database on your machine, and alter the properties file
   appropriately to reflect your installation. See below for further details.
Setting up a database to store your sensor data:

There are six steps involved in setting up a database for data storage, the details of which will vary
depending on your chosen database software.

1. Follow the guidelines provided by the software vendor to install the database software on your computer. 
2. Create a new database to hold your sensestar data (e.g., a database named 'sensestar'). Again, 
   follow guidelines provided by the vendor.

3. Create a new user and give them a password (e.g., 'sensestar_user','sensestar_pass' ). Again, 
   follow guidelines provided by the database vendor to do this.

4. Grant privileges to the user created in step 3 to the database created in step 2. You will need 
   to grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE, and DROP privileges. Vendor documentation will also detail this.   
5. If you are not using a MySQL database, you will need to obtain the JDBC driver for your database and 
   add it to the program's classpath (the MySQL driver is included).

6. Finally, you will need to edit your sensestar properties file to reflect your database set-up. Below is
   an example using MySQL, with comments on how to adapt this for your setup.     

   driver = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",              # The name of the Java file which acts as the database driver (from step 5) 
   url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:8889/sensestar", # The connection URL which takes the form
                                                    database_name is the name of the database you set up in step 2. The
                                                    driver protocol will depend on your database driver (step 5)
   username = "sensestar_user",                   # The username selected in step 3.
   password = "sensestar_pass",                   # The password selected in step 3.
   table = "phosphate",                           # The name of the table in which to store the data. You can select
                                                    whatever you like here.
   droptable = true,                              # Whether or not to delete and recreate the table each time the program is run.
** Example SenseStar installation instructions for Windows XP + Microsoft SQL Express 2005**

1. Download and install Java 6 (needed to run SenseStar).
2. Install Microsoft .NET framework v2.0 or more recent (needed to install SQL Express 2005).
3. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP3.
4. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE).
4. Download and unzip SenseStar from (this guide assumes it
   is placed in C:/sensestar) 
5. Open SSMSE and use the su account to connect to the server
6. Use SSME to create a new database (Right click on databases, 'sensestar).
6. Add user (exampleuser::dcu)
7. Add priv (what a mess this is)
8. Test connection using sqlcmd command line program (
   'sqlcmd -S <MYMACHINE>\SQLEXPRESS -U exampleuser' 
9. Add driver (
9. Sample properties
10. Run