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Transcode is a suite of command line utilities for transcoding video and audio codecs, and for converting beween different container formats. Transcode can decode and encode many audio and video formats, e.g.

A variety of video and audio pre and post-processing filters are available, including (but not limited to):

  • video de-interlacing
  • audio resampling
  • framerate conversion
  • smoothing
  • cutting

Transcode can import DVDs on-the-fly, or record from Video4Linux (including V4L2 video capturing) devices.

See General Information for a more detailed description of Transcode's capabilities. Or scroll down and choose your topic of interest from the documentation part below.


September 24, 2008 :New Transcode Support Site Launched on :For the full announcement see ! January 18 (Sunday), 2009 :Transcode 1.1.0 released! :Transcode 1.0.7 released! :Transcode 1.0.6 released! :Transcode 1.0.5 released! :Transcode 1.0.4 released! :Transcode 1.0.3 released! :Transcode 1.0.2 released! :Transcode-htdocs 1.0.0 released!


How to Download the Source Code


There are two mailinglists, one for development related topics and one for discussions about transcode usage and other audio/video related topics

searchable mailinglist archives can be found here

Always look in the archives before you ask a question! And see

Also you can meet us on IRCnet in #transcode.


  • Development - Documentation and discussions about Transcode development


An issue tracking system is avalaible on at .

See also Bug Showcase for some known bugs (the tcforge page is preferred anyway) Some historical bugs are also listed in our old experimental bug tracker: The old mantis is maintained in read-only only for historical reasons. The bugs still alive are moved on the tcforge bug tracker