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transcode / Reporting Problems

What to include

It is important when reporting problems or asking for help to include all relevant information, even if you don't think it's important. Here are some guidelines for what to include in bug or help messages.

  • the exact command and output : Probably the easiest way to go about this is cut'n paste. Copy everything from the command to the end into a file, save it, and send it with report. The script program can also be used to capture your command, and can be found on almost any *nix platform. Note, though, that on some systems the output of script will always be a typescript file, not a text file and will have data that cannot be nicely displayed everywhere. The col program can be used to remove most of the offending data: script -c "transcode -i ..." col < typescript > typescript.txt
  • the operating system being used : Examples would be "Mandrake Linux 10", "FreeBSD 5.3", "Fedora Core 3", "Mac OSX 10.3".
  • where the binary came from : Did you build transcode yourself? Sometimes people forget to activate things they need at build time, or there is an error in the configure script itself. It's helpful to have a copy of the configure output to send in with problems. The easiest way to do this is the following: ./configure ... 2>&1 | tee my-configure-output.txt : If you installed a binary package of transcode, please include the location of the package.

Also, if you are reporting a crash (segmentation fault), you need to include additional information -- see

Where to report

Discussions about transcode takes place on the transcode mail lists hosted on There are two mail lists for transcode.

  • : This list is for discussion about the usage of transcode. This is the best list to report problems. Any problem ranging from downloading the sources to compiling, to usage is welcome here. It's also a good place to discuss changes or trends in A/V formats, encoders/decoders, etc. It has the most readers, and the current developers read this list and offer help as well. The list is generally not too busy, perhaps 10 messages a day, and I haven't ever gotten spam through it. More information about this list can be found at
  • : This list is for discussion about the development of transcode. If you have patches for the transcode source, or notice obvious problems (bugs), this is the place to send reports. More information about this list can be found at