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transcode / Scripts And Wrappers ![!Any2DVD]||Any2DVD]

:A bash script to transform PC multimedia file(s) in any format, into a DVD complete with menus and suitable for playback on a standalone DVD player. Supports PAL or NTSC conversions, network streams and input files with multiple subtitle/video/audio streams. All DVD audio formats are supported (AC3, DTS, MP2 and PCM). ![!AviToVob]||AviToVob]

:Very easy to use script that makes NTSC DVD's from arbitrary .avi files. The input files may be any codec, aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate, and they can be combined arbitrarily into a single dvd. :A special feature of the script is the 'overscan' compensation, which prevents cutoff of subtitles. :The same script can be used on .ogm and .mkv files by passing arguments to the -x mplayer option, as documented in the script. ![!ripmake]||ripmake]

:A fully automatic command line ripping makefile generator for transcode: Automatically selects the best parameters for a given ripping task, inspects the source (e.g. a DVD or an AVI file), extracts all important information, calculates the missing parameters and generates a parameter set for transcode that will create an output file of high quality. !Erik Slagter's DVD Ripper

:Erik, what does it do?!

:A script to convert raw DV video to DVD-style VOBs. ![!dvd::rip]||dvd::rip]

📀:rip is a full featured DVD copy program written in Perl. It provides an easy to use but feature-rich Gtk+ GUI to control almost all aspects of the ripping and transcoding process. It uses the widely known video processing swissknife transcode and many other Open Source tools. dvd::rip itself is licensed under GPL / Perl Artistic License. :A script to generate a playlist. DvdBurning :A script to drive mkisofs|cdrecord Srtshifter :A script for timeshifting **.srt** subtitle script files. Srtinterpolate :A script for reindexing **.srt** subtitle script files. Vob2Srt :How to rip subtitles from a dvd to text (.srt) format