Header missing / Submittion failed for many mp3 files

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Johannes Dewender created an issue

Fingerprinting and submission doesn't work (anymore?) for many of my mp3 files.

Publically available example (aka test case): https://www.jamendo.com/en/track/81740/sad-robot

$ acoustid-fingerprinter 
Analyzing file "/var/data/music/in/tmp/pornophonique_-_sad_robot.mp3" 
Track: "Sad robot" 
Artist: "Pornophonique" 
Album: "8-bit lagerfeuer" 
AlbumArtist: "" 
TrackNo: 1 
DiscNo: 0 
Year: 2007 
PUID: "" 
[mp3 @ 0x7f231c02b720] Header missing
Submitting 1 fingerprints 
Submittion failed: "{"status": "error", "error": {"message": "invalid fingerprint", "code": 3}}"

The interesting part being &fingerprint.0=AQAAAA.

tested with versions 54 of libavcodec, libavdevice and libavformat, acoustid-fingerprinter 0.6 and also with (current) ffmpeg 2.4.1 (libavcodec etc version 56).

This is possibly no problem in acoustid-fingerprinter itself, but a note about the current state. See also pull request #4 about ideas for a new "architecture". (the patch itself doesn't help)

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