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Server Status

Server Status is a nodejs script for server monitoring. Tested only on Debian. Inspired by eZ Server Monitor (eSM) `Web.



Create api/config.js or rename and edit api/sample-config.js.

var config = {}

//Parametrs for app listening
config.web = {} = 'localhost'
config.web.port = 30097

//Access to apache virtual host
config.vhost = {}
config.vhost.user = 'user'
config.vhost.pass = 'pass'

config.hosts = [``,`localhost`] // Check all services whith this hosts = []{
  name: "Web Server", // Necessary
  port: 80, // Necessary
  host: [``], // Optional, list hosts to check
  link: `` // Optional

module.exports = config


Create www/src/config.js or rename and edit www/src/sample-config.js.

export const Config = {
    modules: {
        system: true,
        fs: true,
        network: true,
        loadAverage: true,
        memory: true,
        cpu: true,
        pm2: true,
        vhost: true,
        services: true

Build project

# Build frontend
cd www
npm install
npm run build
cd ..

# Run backend
cd api
npm install
node status.js 

Used in this project

For backend

For frontend