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This is a short list of the features that I plan to add to mtemplate. I intend to add as few features to this software as I can while still giving it the ability to be an expressive, time-saving and performant adjunct to developing web applications (or any application that needs robust templating) with Go.

I am always open to suggestions from anyone who is using mtemplate or who would use it save for a particular missing feature. I won't always say yes to feature requests, but one can alwasy fork and add the features oneself.

Roadmap Items

  • Add a .static directive that allows a template to declare that it contains no dynamic content. This will allow mtemplate to cache the bytes that are generated by the Execute method, so no overhead at all will be incurred by rendering a static template more than once.

Current Status

Updated Aug 17 2011

The template caching functionality is complete.

Completed work on Render functions.

Completed work on named child blocks. This feature allows a template to divide its content up into discrete sections that can be included in a parent template separately. This is very similar to how Django's {block} works in its tempaltes.

The .include directive has been added and tested.