django-vicar - live vicariously

django-vicar is a middleware class and a view for allowing superusers to impersonate other users. It's not even right to call this thing an app, it's one file and <100 lines.

This is an itch-scratch thing, I'm tired of going to /stop/ with django-impersonate, and I have no interest in making the functionality I want work with it.

Deliberately excluding:

  • any kind of search or listing
  • any authz beyond superuser
  • putting a User object in session
  • any kind of filtering in the middleware beyond the session data

There is no urlconf. There is only one view. Integrate like so:

from django_vicar import vicar # ...

url(r'^vicar/(.+)$', vicar),

# ...

And by putting 'django_vicar.VicarMiddleware' somewhere in your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES. It probably needs to go either before or after session middleware and/or authentication middleware, but I didn't really check, just put it wherever you'd put ImpersonateMiddleware.

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