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562 B
doc: add dot/README w/ deets on per-host setup
1.9 KB
dot: Xresources updates. I'm back on xterm, vastly faster painting despite the uglycode (shrug)
525 B
xresources: couple tweaks for urxvt on my laptop
509 B
emacs: er, I don't remember doing this. Whatever. Something with dired-find-alternate-file.
1.2 KB
gitconfig: add a cdiff alias. Probably already stale. sigh.
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dot: add hgrc,hgignore. Add libakg,dotfile-specific ones too.
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zsh: set TIMEFMT for timing output, source a dedicated file for my google api keys for dev-channel chromium, add to hgignores
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dot: add hgrc,hgignore. Add libakg,dotfile-specific ones too.
843 B
dot: add hgrc,hgignore. Add libakg,dotfile-specific ones too.
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hgrc: remove [paths]default, I always specify remote repo alias anyway
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psql: finally add my update_psqlrc_commands.sh, and change psqlrc to run that instead of the function inside my zshrc, which hits annoying errors involving stty or something when trying to run psql non-interactively
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pythonrc: remove debug print statement. Also makes this sixy.
2.9 KB
lod: various changes since Feb...
1.3 KB
xinit: setup xdotool to run things that need a my zsh environment loaded, so needs faked interactive input.
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fixes to stuff that dint work on limbo
These are my dotfiles.

For convenience, leading dots are omitted from filenames in this

Per-host configuration

I need different tmux and .Xresources on each box.

Any dotfiles in my homedir are symlinks to non-dotted equivalents in
$HOME/dot.d. These, in turn, can be unversioned generated files (eg,
xmodmap), symlinks to verioned conf files that I use on all hosts, or
symlinks to host-specific versioned files. I set them up manually when
needed; it's not usually very many - Xresources and tmux.conf are the
main ones.