This is a web-based note viewer. I use this in conjuction with a script bound to an F-key that starts an emacsclient with a timestamped text file in a note directory. This allows me to quickly make one-off notes by pressing a single key, then close the emacsclient window and continue with what I was doing before. However, since I deliberately don't include filenames or the like - to make note-taking as quick and low-investment as possible - viewing the notes in a text editor isn't very nice. So this is a Flask application that displays them on a simple web interface.

Feature Creep

I've already added automatic linking of URLs, editing in the browser, and am working on including non-text files. For example, I'd like to have a similar keybinding to take a screenshot and stick it in the same directory.


I integrate notedir using werkzeug's DispatcherMiddleware like so:

from notedir import app as notedir_app
notedir_app.config["NOTEDIR_DIRECTORY"] = "/home/akg/var/notes"
app = DispatcherMiddleware(app, {
    # ...
    "/notes": notedir_app,