Adam Gomaa (adamkg)

Adam Gomaa
Pushed to adamkg/libakg
66f9963 and all the psql var-:command files
99ae1ff add my psqlrc
8e88f5d zsh,psql: add a func to merge/format nicely-formatted .sql files in ~/.psqlrc-commands.d/ into a bunch of single-line \set commands for \i-ing into my psqlrc
Adam Gomaa
Pushed to adamkg/libakg
c1854d8 cron: one-off python(-THREE!!1!) script to rotate cruft-attracting
8190eb1 wimgr: support lists of target desktops in the workspace
97d9ab4 zsh: lessee here... a bunch of scattered stuff.
d41cd07 dot: emacs customize changes, and also bind a C-x prefix that I regularly fat-finger
f3cea73 dot: Xresources updates. I'm back on xterm, vastly faster painting despite the uglycode (shrug)
Adam Gomaa
Pushed to adamkg/libakg
a9cc102 wimgr: add a debug-shell version of the reload handler
d5e43a3 case 10: add wheel-emulation set-up funcs for my various mice
3a742c3 wimgr: reorg SeqHandler classes by similarity, impl equal-height final-column & fix a bug with how to calculate number of columns to use
49aede3 wimgr: kill off lots of shelved code that hasn't been used, still some debug cruft to deal with
29c919a zshrc: kill off old aliases, give up on urxvtd for now
Adam Gomaa
Pushed to adamkg/libakg
6bd23a9 wimgr: various cleanup & easier debugging, and less annoying grave-return.
45d09ae emacs: update changes from customize. Lazy desktop-loading at startup, kill __import__ from my editor. Srsly ffap?
455ee37 zsh: add tc session-name to replace current term with new session-specific one, some one-offs for remembering zsh array syntax, and move sourcing of google api ...
69ae485 wimgr: to prevent zombie child until the Popen() gets GCed, run commands from a daemon thread that collects the child process normally.
fd8652a zsh: set TIMEFMT for timing output, source a dedicated file for my google api keys for dev-channel chromium, add to hgignores
Adam Gomaa
Pushed to adamkg/libakg
8d9fa23 wimgr: WIP more-generalized gridding callbacks. Generic N-column sizing is the idea, but not done yet.
9509be0 pythonrc: remove debug print statement. Also makes this sixy.
9997da1 emacs: er, I don't remember doing this. Whatever. Something with dired-find-alternate-file.
717762d gitconfig: change oneline-graph displays to show branch name at the start
73168d7 wimgr: Add binds & handlers for toggling between all-max and gridded.