Adam Gomaa committed 4c08c1e

Update webmusic integration now that it's a flask app

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 from vcms import app as vcms_app
 from webproc import app as proc_app
 from werkzeug.wsgi import DispatcherMiddleware
+from webmusic import app as music_app, DefaultConfig as MusicDefaultConfig
 notedir_app.config["NOTEDIR_DIRECTORY"] = "/home/akg/var/notes"
 writing_app.config["WRITING_REPOSITORY"] = "/home/akg/srv/"
+class MusicConfig(MusicDefaultConfig):
+    SENDFILE = True
+# has mongo creds, not versioned
+from .private import WEBMUSIC_MONGO_URI
+music_app.config["MONGO_URI"] = WEBMUSIC_MONGO_URI
+music_app.debug = True
 dj_app = WSGIHandler()
 app = DispatcherMiddleware(dj_app, {
         "/logview": logview_app,
         "/memo": memo_app,
         "/memo2": memo2_app,
+        "/music": music_app,
         "/notes": notedir_app,
         "/writing": writing_app,
         "/proc": proc_app,


 from django.conf import settings
-from local_settings import music
 # Uncomment the next two lines to enable the admin:
 from django.contrib import admin
     url(r'^accounts/login/', 'login'),
     (r'^accounts/', include('django.contrib.auth.urls')),
     url(r'^$', 'index', {}),
-    url(r'^music/(.*)', music, {}),
     url(r'^do/bbping', 'do_bbping', {}),
     url(r'^meta', 'meta', {}),
     url(r'^dash/(.*)$', 'dash', {}),