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+propane is my desktop and my main computer.
+I can't record audio or use a mic. pavucontrol shows input for at most
+a couple seconds, then the mic monitor bar freezes, and no more audio
+is picked up until pavucontrol is restarted. Any application that
+grabs the mic has the same behavior.
+It hard-freezes several times a week. Cursor doesn't respond to input,
+audio stops, not accessible over the network. Doesn't seem like a
+kernel panic b/c no lights doing anything interesting on on the
+case. Requires a reboot. Nothing interesting in any logs. Can't
+reproduce it with any consistency, seems to often happen multiple
+times consecutively (a week without a problem, then multiple crashes
+in a day) but I can't isolate any particular factor that's always
+present. Also seems to happen more often when I'm doing things that
+involve changing window focus or desktops; it's never happened while
+watching a movie, for example. However, it *has* happened at least
+once overnight, when there is no input at all.
+Obvious potential culprits are the nvidia and virtualbox kernel
+modules. I can't really run without them, I don't think. I need to
+look into whether the free graphics drivers can handle rotation.
+Graphics on linux are a pain.
+The Good
+Except for these issues, I actually really like propane. It's where I
+spend a good fraction of my waking hours, so I've decked it
+out. propane drives four screens, oriented portrait and placed in a
+horizontal row, giving me 4200x1680px total screen area, helpfully
+divided into four 1050x1680 columns that are perfect for both web
+pages and code.
+Vertical screens are underrated. Having a 1680px tall display gives
+you a huge area where you can read the content of a webpage, and lets
+me view just over a hundred lines of code at a time. When I have to
+use a laptop, I find it so odd that I can't see all of YC news on one
+I ran xubuntu for a while, but now I'm using qtile, mostly because
+it's in python. It's noticably buggier than the other good tiling WM
+options (awesome), but... it's python! I have some ideas for things
+involving window managers, and I'd like to implement it in python, so
+qtile it is.