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hg-website / Announcement

Hi ml,

I would like to public announce a project to create a new end-user website for Mercurial. We have been working on that
in the underground for the last two weeks and are now ready for the initial dump of our efforts.

We are working on creating a new beginner-friendly website for Mercurial. It is not a replacement for the current wiki,
but it should make it easier for new users to learn what Mercurial is, how to use and obtain it. We do not aim to
provide neither detailed technical documentation on the website, nor guides to write extensions. We try to focus on
Mercurials end-user, and want to reflect Mercurials simplicity and strenghts for this target audience by writing
beginner guides, pointing to documentation and providing migration guides.

The current wiki is a great place for all details around Mercurial, but it lacks a good structure so that new users get
the necessary details to start with Mercurial fast.

How can you help?
We currently do not have much manpower, but we need it. If you do not know how to hack on Mercurial itself but want to
help the community, this is a perfect opportunity. Go write a easy to understand guide, get your hands dirty with the
HTML or design new fancy icons, screenshots, etc and integrate them. We do not need great python hackers, we need people
coming from Mercurial user base who have fun in writing or reviewing texts. If you are a native speaker, just go through
the page and fix our faults. If you have a one line fix, don't hesitate to send a patch. We are happy about every help
that we can get. Checkout the text/structure file and the hg-website wiki at bitbucket for more information on what is
currently cooking.

How to get your hands dirty:
Grab the source from http://bitbucket.org/segv/hg-website/overview/ and send patches or pull requests to the mercurial
developer mailinglist list.

Who, when and where?!
We try to get the page online as soon as possible and provide easy to remember domains for that purpose. Thanks to
bitbucket.org and Jesper Noehr who provided and sponsored the layout, Arne Babenhauserheide for collecting information,
structuring the page and writing texts and Matt for providing hosting.