Add equivalent of Gherkin Background

Issue #13 resolved
Adam Ralph
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  1. Adam Ralph reporter

    re #13 add Background attribute change Scenario attribute to locate Background attributed methods and retrieve background commands change ScenarioDefinition to accept background command, scenario command and feature change ScenarioDefinition to set CurrentScenario.AddingBackgroundSteps to true when executing background command add CurrentScenario.AddingBackgroundSteps add Step.IsBackground change CurrentScenario.AddStep to create step and set IsBackground = AddingBackgroundSteps prepend background step command name with (Background)


  2. Adam Ralph reporter

    close #13 add BackgroundStep derived type, encapsulating name alteration moved responsibility for setting CurrentScenario.addingBackgroundSteps from ScenarioDefinition into CurrentScenario extracted ScenarioAttribute.GetBackgroundCommand and added extensibility point


  3. Adam Ralph reporter

    re #13 Added ScenarioAttribute.EnumerateScenarioTestCommands() extensibility point. Removed ScenarioAttribute.EnumerateTestCommands() extensibility point. removed ScenarioAttribute.GetBackgroundCommand() extensibility point reduced BackgroundAttribute to single protected internal method allowed >1 background commands from BackgroundAttribute derived types improved docs for ScenarioAttribute and BackgroundAttribute incremented to 0.12.0-beta03 for release


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