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More planned aliases, better db model

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     WarpDB:endpoints - Display a list of all areas you can reach from your location
     WarpDB:search from:<area name> to:<area name> - Display a list of warps connecting the specified areas
+    WarpDB:export <area name> - Export all outgoing warps from a given area
+    WarpDB:import - Import a list of warps exported by the above alias
 The plugin will ask you for a file location on first load, just point it wherever you want your database file to be created. If you get "OperationalError: database is locked" error while trying to add an entry, please delete the .journal file in %APPDATA%\MUSHClient to resolve the issue.
         source_areaid INTEGER REFERENCES arealist(id) ON DELETE CASCADE
-    CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS logs_index ON org_logs (orgid, timestamp, message)
+    CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS warp_index ON warplist (source, destination)