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Ada Young  committed be346b0

Added dragon bite and kai cripple to list of danger lines.. yay Aisling!

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-   purpose="Log Database"
+   purpose="Description Database"
    date_written="2013-01-05 12:00:00"

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     # Dragon:
     "^Abruptly the keening ends\, and a blossom of ethereal tendrils bursts from (.*?)\'s chest\, ensnaring (?:him|her) in a web of undulating bonds\.$",
+    "^\w+ viciously seizes (\w+) in (?:his|her) jaws\, tossing (?:him|her) effortlessly into the air before catching (?:him|her) in a second bite\.",
     # Meteor:
     "^The meteor slams into (\w+)\'s shield\, shattering it\.$",
     "^A glowing spear comes flying in towards (\w+)\.",
     # Web:
-    "^Sticky strands of webbing spray out from \w+ to cover (\w+)\.",
+    "^Sticky strands of webbing spray out from \w+ to cover (\w+)\.$",
+    # Monk:
+    "^You see a wave of energy shoot out from \w+ and slam into (\w+)\.$",
 def ActionTriggers():