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AATKit iOS / AATKit Sample

AATKit Sample


  1. Project Setup
  2. AATKit Initialisation
  3. Banner Integration
  4. Fullscreen Integration
  5. APP Open Integration
  6. Native Ads Integration
  7. Native Ads Integration - special ad network characteristics
  8. Promo Screen
  9. Sample
  10. Disable App Transport Security (ATS)
  11. Advanced Features
  12. Targeting
  13. Rewarded Video
  14. Frequency Capping
  15. Header documentation
  16. Important Remarks
  17. AATKit's Size within your app
  18. What is an AdSpace?
  19. Network-specific Information
  20. Statistics Delegate
  21. Reports Delegate
  22. Listen to impression level information
  23. AATKit AdMob custom events adapter (>= 2.77.x)

AATKit Changelogs

List of Example Projects

1. Showcase App

See how interstitial, rewarded video, native and banner ads are integrated using AATKit. Banner ads are presented as sticky banner, banner in content-feed, and multi size banner.

Download and run the Showcase app like this:

> git clone
> pod install
> open Showcase.xcworkspace

Then: Build and run using Xcode.

2. Demos for special cases

2.1 Advanced example using banner and fullscreen placements on multiple View Controllers

A more advanced demo app including multiple view controllers can be downloaded using git clone:

git clone

2.2 Demo that uses the AdMob SDK directly, and the AATKit as backfill.

This demo tries to fill a banner placement, by directly communicating to the AdMob SDK, and thus bypassing the AddApptr SDK for the very first ad request. The first ad-request to fill the banner placement is sent to Google’s DFP, and in case the first call doesn’t load, the AddApptr SDK gets used for the subsequent call (backfill by AddApptr). You can download the project for Xcode as a clone using git:

git clone

2.3 Showing an Interstitial from a WKWebView Application

We provide an example project showing the seamless integration of AATKit and WKWebView to communicate to AATKit from an HTML5 based application. You can download the project for Xcode as a clone using git:

git clone

##3. Deprecated Demos ###3.1 See how banner and fullscreen ads are integrated using the AddApptr SDK. You can download the AATKitExample project for Xcode as zip archive or clone it using git clone:

git clone
Learn from AATKitSimpleExample code how to: