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#Application Transport Security - ATS


  1. Project Setup
  2. AATKit Initialisation
  3. Banner Integration
  4. Fullscreen Integration
  5. APP Open Integration
  6. Native Ads Integration
  7. Native Ads Integration - special ad network characteristics
  8. Promo Screen
  9. Sample
  10. Disable App Transport Security (ATS)
  11. Advanced Features
  12. Targeting
  13. Rewarded Video
  14. Frequency Capping
  15. Header documentation
  16. Important Remarks
  17. AATKit's Size within your app
  18. What is an AdSpace?
  19. Network-specific Information
  20. Statistics Delegate
  21. Reports Delegate
  22. Listen to impression level information
  23. AATKit AdMob custom events adapter (>= 2.77.x)

AATKit Changelogs

##What doesn't support ATS yet? * AddApptr SDKs < 2.60.0 (future release) * various ad network SDKs * the demand side creatives (and their links)

##Insecure AATKit calls The AATKit does use the following insecure http calls for serving ads:

Communication with the AddApptr backend is secure as of AATKit version 2.60.0

###Apple's documentation about ATS can be found here

Due to the fact that many ad network SDKs aren't ATS compliant yet, it's recommended to disable ATS. Please also consider that the next to the ad network SDKs themselves, the advertising material also has to comply to this constraint. This means that 3rd party links contained within the advertising material have to use https in the future.

In order to disable ATS two options exist:

  • Open your info.plist with a text editor and adjust it as follows:
  • It's also possible to adjust the ATS configuration in your project's plist:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 14.14.49.png

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