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AATKit iOS / Documentation

Adding the AddApptr SDK to a new iOS project


  1. Project Setup
  2. AATKit Initialisation
  3. Banner Integration
  4. Fullscreen Integration
  5. APP Open Integration
  6. Native Ads Integration
  7. Native Ads Integration - special ad network characteristics
  8. Promo Screen
  9. Sample
  10. Disable App Transport Security (ATS)
  11. Advanced Features
  12. Targeting
  13. Rewarded Video
  14. Frequency Capping
  15. Header documentation
  16. Important Remarks
  17. AATKit's Size within your app
  18. What is an AdSpace?
  19. Network-specific Information
  20. Statistics Delegate
  21. Reports Delegate
  22. Listen to impression level information
  23. AATKit AdMob custom events adapter (>= 2.77.x)

AATKit Changelogs

Your starting point:

You have an existing and running iOS project opened in Xcode.

You chose to add a banner and/or interstitial ads to your iOS application.

AATKit supports iOS 9+


Google Mobile Ads SDK:

Since version 7.42.0, Google Mobile Ads SDK requires publishers to add their app key to the Info.plist file of their Xcode project or declare them as Ad Manager Apps. Please refer to the Google Mobile Ads SDK section in Network-specific Information for more details.

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