Adeel Khan avatar Adeel Khan committed 36b2992

Fix last commit to account for negative time zone offsets.

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 //printf formats.
-#define ISO_TIMEZONE_OFFSET_FORMAT @"+%02d%02d"
+#define ISO_TIMEZONE_OFFSET_FORMAT @"%@%02d%02d"
 @interface ISO8601DateFormatter(UnparsingPrivate)
 		if (offset == 0)
 			str = [str stringByAppendingString:ISO_TIMEZONE_UTC_FORMAT];
-			str = [str stringByAppendingFormat:ISO_TIMEZONE_OFFSET_FORMAT, offset / 60, offset % 60];
+			str = [str stringByAppendingFormat:ISO_TIMEZONE_OFFSET_FORMAT, (offset > 0) ? @"+" : @"-", offset / 60, offset % 60];
 	return str;
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