pycurl / INSTALL

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You need Python and libcurl version 7.8.1 or greater installed on your
system to use pycurl.

To build pycurl for Python 1.5.2 you also need the distutils package,
which you can download from:

Assuming that distutils is installed (which it is by default on Python
versions above 1.5.2) build and install pycurl with the following

	(if necessary, become root)
	tar -zxvf pycurl-$VER.tar.gz
	cd pycurl-$VER
	python install

$VER should be substituted with the version number, e.g. 0.3.0.

You can also install by hand which does not require distutils.  Edit
the 'src/Makefile' in the distribution directory to suit your setup.
Type 'make' and copy the file 'src/' to the site-package
directory of your Python installation (for example

When installing on Windows, you need to manually configure three path
settings in defined by the following variables:

	W32_INCLUDE - Path to the libcurl 'include' directory
	W32_LIB - Path to the libcurl 'lib' directory
	W32_EXTRA_OBJ - Path to libcurl library file itself

Then run 'python install' as usual.