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If you want to hack on pycurl, here's our list of unresolved issues:


    * Add docs to the high-level interface.

    * Add more options to the undocumented and currently mostly useless
      Curl.unsetopt() method. Have to carefully check the libcurl source
      code for each option we want to support.

    * curl_easy_reset() should probably be supported.  But we have to be
      careful since curl_easy_reset() e.g. modifies callbacks and other
      pointers which could leave pycurl and libcurl out of sync.


    * Using certain invalid options, it may be possible to cause a crash.
      This is un-Pythonic behaviour, but you somewhere have to draw a line
      between efficiency (and feature completeness) and safety.
      There _are_ quite a number of internal error checks, but tracking and
      catching all possible (deliberate) misuses is not a goal (and probably
      impossible anyway, due to the complexity of libcurl).