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NOTE: You need Python and libcurl installed on your system to use or
build pycurl.  Some RPM distributions of curl do not include
everything necessary to build pycurl, in which case you need to
install the developer specific RPM which is usually called curl-dev.


Assuming that distutils is installed (which it is by default on Python
versions greater than 1.5.2) build and install pycurl with the
following commands:

    (if necessary, become root)
    tar -zxvf pycurl-$VER.tar.gz
    cd pycurl-$VER
    python install

$VER should be substituted with the version number, e.g. 7.10.2.

Note that the installation script assumes that 'curl-config' can be
located in your path setting.  If curl-config is installed outside
your path or you want to force installation to use a particular
version of curl-config, use the '--curl-config' commandline option to
specify the location of curl-config.  Example:

    python install --curl-config=/usr/local/bin/curl-config


To build pycurl for Python 1.5.2 without the distutils package, be
brave and manually tweak the Makefile in the 'src' directory to match
your installation (the default Makefile should work fine for older
RedHat distributions with Python 1.5.2).


When installing on Windows, you need to manually configure the path to
the curl source tree, specified with the CURL_DIR variable in the file
''.  The CURL_DIR variable can also be set using the
commandline option '--curl-dir' when invoking

    python install --curl-dir=c:\curl-7.10.2