pycurl / ChangeLog

Full commit
2001-08-06  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Set CURLOPT_VERBOSE to 0 by default.

2001-06-29  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Updated INSTALL, curl version 7.8 or greater is now mandatory to
	use pycurl.

2001-06-13  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Set NOPROGRESS to 1 by default.

2001-06-07  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Added global_init/cleanup.

2001-06-06  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Added HEADER/PROGRESSFUNCTION callbacks (see files in tests/).

	* Added PASSWDFUNCTION callback (untested).
	* Added READFUNCTION callback (untested).
2001-06-05  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* WRITEFUNCTION callbacks now work (see tests/ for details).

	* Preliminary distutils installation.

	* Added CLOSEPOLICY constants to module namespace.
2001-06-04  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Return -1 on error from Python callback in WRITEFUNCTION callback.

2001-06-01  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Moved source to src and tests to tests directory.

2001-05-31  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Added better type checking for setopt.

2001-05-30  Kjetil Jacobsen  <kjetilja>

	* Moved code to sourceforge.

	* Added getinfo support.