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Update TODO and README for Python 3 support.

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 authors, and replace references to Python with references to this module.
 The intent is for this code to be released under the same license as
-Python itself. 
+Python itself.
-Thanks to Andrew Trusty and Rory Tulk for advice and reviews.
-Thanks to Rob Mecham for a bug fix.
-Thanks to Jonathan Woodard for discovering and isolating a bug.
+Thanks to Andrew Trusty and Rory Tulk for advice and reviews, Rob Mecham
+and Jonathan Woodard for work on bugs, and Christopher Peplin for porting
+to Python 3.

File units/TODO.txt

 * Hz vs. Bq, gray vs. sievert... they are equivalent, but mean different things. What to do?
 * Built-in python time units should box/unbox with time quantities
   * In general, python objects that refer to quantities should play nicely with this module...
-* the __round__ protocol seems to be py3k only...
 * Instead of hasattr'ing parameters and using asserts to determine whether we can convert units or not, we could instead just do the conversion we want to do, raising a NotImplemented upon failure.
 * Generalize beyond string specifications
 * better within_epsilon that takes into account magnitude of its parameters
-* py3k port/compatibility
 * test coverage to 100%... but Figleaf's output cannot be trusted.
 * Use polymorphism to get rid of the hasattrs that effectively switch on the type of the unit
 * Get rid of the rest of the hasattrs