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HACKING is a hack. Imperfect, yet beautiful. Literate shell script!
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Be careful with regex matching in .hgignore.
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Added tag Version 0.06 for changeset 64749f7f1f71
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Fix incorrect definition of litres. Describe unitPython.
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Update TODO and README for Python 3 support.
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Hack: Do not run the setup() function in setup.py if in doctest mode.
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Make tox run doctests too

For a description of this module or its purpose, please see __init__.py.

For instructions on how to modify this module, please see HACKING.

For a to-do list from the authors of the module, please see TODO.txt.

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The true PSF license explicitly refers to the PSF as the owners of the software and to Python as the software. The modifications replace references to the Python Software Foundations with references to the authors, and replace references to Python with references to this module.

The intent is for this code to be released under the same license as Python itself.

Thanks to Andrew Trusty and Rory Tulk for advice and reviews, Rob Mecham and Jonathan Woodard for work on bugs, and Christopher Peplin for porting to Python 3.