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Richard Warburton created an issue

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  1. Richard Warburton reporter

    From a brief look I'm in favour of the hakandilek github project, rather than the cato stuff. I'm happy to be swayed by other people.

  2. Hakan DILEK

    Just landed here after some googling. I can try to help if you decide to use my (hakandilek) crud module.

  3. Martijn Verburg

    I've tried it in my local repo - but need to take a look at streamlining it. In particular it would be nice if it auto generated the CRUD form templates like Grails/Rails do.

  4. Hakan DILEK

    Hey guys, I've added scaffolding with form templates and routes for the the latest 0.7.0 release of play2-crud. Please check-out and let me know if you encounter any problems.

  5. Martijn Verburg

    It's partly working now - will raise separate UI (forms not pulling in Twitter Bootstrap) and core issues on the play2-crud project

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