Check OCA status functionality

Issue #17 resolved
Martijn Verburg
created an issue

Talk to an OpenJDK API or screen scrape off the official site, get a Y/N/Don't know response. Patches to OpenJDK can't be accepted unless this value is Y

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  1. Richard Warburton

    For things like hackdays we've allowed people to submit small patches without a signed OCA. For example small warnings fixes. I think we should also have a way of approving a patch from a non-OCA person, manually at the request of a moderator.

  2. Martijn Verburg reporter

    Looks like we'll have to screen scrape to see if folks have signed the OCA, however that page does not list hte OpenJDK username, it lists the username (so we need to make sure when we create web revs that we don't pull in the wrong username by accident)

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